Monica Sjöö, Meeting the Ancestors at Avebury, 1993 © The Estate of Monica Sjöö. Photo: Albin Dahlström/Moderna Museet

From “Through Time and Space: The Ancient Sisterhoods Spoke to Me”

Meeting the Ancestors at Avebury, 1993

Monica Sjöö

Runtime: 01:33

Narrator: In “Meeting the Ancestors at Avebury”, I have woven together Silbury, Avebury stones and spirits that dwell in them, a Shaman priestess with radiating headdress, a shaman in flight, a crop circle (crop circles have appeared around Silbury ever since ca. 1988), etc.
Ever since my initiatory experience at Avebury and Silbury in 1978, I have spent time there over the years in different seasons in day time, during the night, at full moons and eclipses sleeping with groups of women on Silbury in the light of the lunar Mother or feeling the presence of the ancestors within West Kennet Long Barrow. Always I sense the stones as alive, the Goddess and spirit entities indwelling – that when the time is right one may “see” what one hasn’t seen before, every time a new discovery, something else learned or understood. It is equally important how one travels and in what state. I believe that one needs to be totally familiar with and know a place before attempting to do rituals or other work there. One needs to know what powers one might summon thereby. In the painting I have tried to portray a neolithic shamanka or priestess which I based on an ancient Mexican sculpture -headdress radiating as an aura connecting with the universe.



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